STE 202 B


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                                       Cartooning and Illustration   


Create your own character – class will focus on building characters, imagery, and elements of kid's favorite characters. Students will have the freedom to express their imagination through the creative process, promoting high self-esteem and innovative thinking.


 Illustration courses are offered through associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in majors including fine arts, illustration and illustration design. Students in these courses develop their own sense of style while preparing work that can be used in print and web publications for ads or design purposes.

Paper & pencils or Digital drawing program. Welcome to the wonderful world of cartooning! ... With demonstrations and examples, each 1-hour class of the full 6-week course is designed to take beginner and experienced cartoonists through assignments that will define and refine their cartooning skills.

What you'll learn

  • Understand what it takes to create a cute cartoon character of your own.

  • Confidently practice and develop your own style based on clear examples

  • Define and sketch the many different body parts within the core groups of head, torso and limbs

  • Replay the lessons you might need more practice with. All clips are recored in HD and have clear audio

  • Start to grow an audience who are interested in cartoons .

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